Yuren UAV (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.



Yuren UAV (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd, located in Zhuhai city, is a professional manufacturer of agricultural drones, R&D/production/sales/service. Zhuhai city is near to Hong Kong and Macau, where the China International Aerospace and Aviation Exhibition (CIAAE) is held every two years.

Focusing on agricultural drones, Zhuhai Yuren is the only drone manufacturer that is appointed by Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) to perform flight demonstration in different provinces. In the big-agriculture provinces (Xinjiang, Shandong, Anhui and others), we covered more than 500000 hectares for crop protection and so accumulated abundant statistics and experience.

We have more than 80 patents in China mainland and also have applied for international patents in Europe & America, South Korea & Japan, Australia, Brazil and other countries and regions. Now, we have obtained CE certificate and approved certificate of FAA of USA. Our agricultural drones are widely used in South Korea / Japan / Malaysia / Italy / Belgium / Taiwan and other countries and regions, mainly used to spray liquid farming chemical, deliver granular fertilizer, deliver powder and others. The applied crops are rice, wheat, corn, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and others.