Yuren UAV (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.




Agricultural UAV are made of carbon fiber and aerial aluminum and it flies in the sky. So it is dangerous potentially. It is a very technical job to fly a UAV. Whoever is not trained is not allowed to fly a UAV. After you buy our UAV, you must send your employees to us and our teachers will train them with systematic courses, theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge all included. Two employees will be trained for one UAV. Usually it takes 7-15 days for the training. We have very strict requirements for the trainees step by step and have tests for certain courses. If they can not pass some certain test, we will not approve it and require him to continue the course.

The training mainly has three courses as below:

Firstly, it is the flight simulation on computer and this course is a bit difficult than others. It takes usually 2-4 days to pass this test. This course mainly let you have a primary understanding about the UAV.

Secondly, it is the flight practice on model UAV.  Model UAV is a toy plane, much smaller than the real UAV. In this course, you are having a small UAV in the real sky and this is much easier than the simulation on computer.

Thirdly, it is the real flight on real UAV. This UAV is just the real UAV for spraying farming chemicals in farmlands. If you already pass the model UAV, it is very easy to pass this course.

At the same time, during the training, our teachers will train you with a lot of relevant knowledge, including how to assemble or disassemble, how to maintain, how to check or repair if something is wrong  and others.

Technical Support

There are three points to share with you as below:

Firstly, Our products are all multi-rotor UAV and we do not have helicopter-shape UAV. So our products are much simpler in comparison with that of our competitors. The main parts are flight control system, rotor, motor, propeller, anti-vibration box and pump. If the pilot is not skilled, the plane can crash suddenly and the propellers will be broken but other components are all right. What you need to do is to change the propellers with new ones. Usually we advise you to buy more propellers, motors, batteries and anti-vibration box. Once something is wrong, they can replace with the new ones.

Secondly, if you are our distributor or agent in some certain area or country, or have a big purchasing amount, we can send our employees to your country for training, technical support or flight demonstration. We can talk about it in detail.

Thirdly, if you are our VIP client in some certain area or country, we can consider to establish a joint venture in your local place to deal with the sales, technical support, after-sales service and others. We will send our employees to you upon the request. Everything is negotiable.